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Velvet Bow Styles                                                 Nylon Bow Styles

Our bows are sturdy, outdoor quality designs which will hold up year after year. 

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Mylar Bow Styles

Our Standard Vinyl Bow                                   Our Deluxe Material Bows: nylon, velvet and mylar     

Universal Concepts Outdoor quality Christmas bows come in a variety of fabrics and colors!

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Standard Vinyl Bows
18" Vinyl, 4-loop $
24" Vinyl, 4-loop $
18" Vinyl "Velvet Flocked on 1 side, 4-loop $
24" Vinyl "Velvet Flocked on 1 side, 4-loop $

Deluxe Material Bows
18" Velvet, 4-loop $
18" Velvet with Trim, 4-loop $
24" Velvet, 4-loop $
24" Velvet, with Trim, 4-loop $
18" Nylon, 4-loop $
18" Nylon with Trim, 4-loop $
24" Nylon, 4-loop $
24" Nylon with Trim, 4-loop $
24" Nylon, 4-loop with trim $

Commercial Grade, Heavy Weather Bows - Heavy-duty Vinyl bows with wood back and pre-attached wire for hanging, or Deluxe Bows that are reinforced with steel that is sandwiched between weather resistant materials (various types) with pre-attached plastic coated wire for the purpose of installation.Trim is available in Silver or Gold Foil.  Larger Sizes available - call for pricing!